Objectives for the project

The objectives set by the community for the project were as follows:

  1. To better understand our coastal environment, its process interactions and social, economic and cultural context, and the physical and climate changes that will affect it[1].

  2. To define and reduce the coastal flooding and erosion risks to people and our social, cultural and natural environment over the next century[2].

  3. To reduce the threat of coastal flooding and erosion to people, property and valued assets to an acceptable or tolerable level (see "Process").

  4. To encourage the provision of sustainable flood and coastal defence measures[3].

  5. To discourage inappropriate development in areas at risk from coastal flooding or erosion[4].

  6. To produce resilient coastal communities that are prepared for change and aware of the appropriate risk reduction measures they can take[5].

The project has delivered against all six objectives. However, it is acknowledged that there is a lot more that needs to be done to produce resilient coastal communities as part of the implementation phase (see "Next Steps").