Principles for the project

Principles were also established for the project at its outset and maintained throughout. These were as follows:

  1. The broader wellbeing of people, the land and the environment – now and in the future – is the main consideration for the project. Tiakitanga (good guardian- or stewardship) should guide the achievement of outcomes that consider our wellbeing.

  2. Consistent with Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Mana Whenua will be engaged as partners, provided the opportunity to participate at all levels of the process and iwi interests will be protected and integrated as appropriate.

  3. Our climate and coastal environment are changing. There is a long-term trend of sea level rise which has implications for coastal biodiversity and our coastal communities. The best scientific evidence and projections will be applied to develop a range of adaptation responses that will best serve the wellbeing of our communities, the whenua and the environment.

  4. The project’s scope includes all public and private assets at the coast, irrespective of ownership and responsibility.

  5. The need to adopt different approaches in different locations is acknowledged.