Objectives for the ‘coastal adaptation pathways’

The objectives set at the outset of the project by the community (see "Community led") for the CAPs were as follows:

Objectives for the project

The objectives set by the community for the project were as follows:

Principles for the project

Principles were also established for the project at its outset and maintained throughout.


In June 2018, following the storm of January 2018, TCDC adopted the Thames-Coromandel Coastal Management Strategy (TCDC, 2018a5) which set out the problem, context for and challenge of coastal climate adaptation.

Study area and coastal assets

The Coromandel Peninsula extends 85km north from the eastern corner of Waikato and west of the Bay of Plenty on Aotearoa New Zealand’s North Island.

Subdivision of the coast

Due to the Coromandel Peninsula’s diverse features, a clear differentiation can be made between the geomorphology, coastal processes (particularly wave exposure), and ecology of the west and east coastlines.

Hazards considered

The scope of the project’s hazard assessment was limited to coastal hazards → coastal inundation, coastal erosion and coastal landslides.